MySQL vs MongoDB

So, you may know these databases, but I would like to know what you thing about it. I know how to use both, but I don’t know which one to use. This is for a project I am working on. So some support would be nice.

  • MongoDB
  • MySQL

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I like mongo as its very easy to use and I can see all the changes and documents when I’m testing it


Yep I agree mongodb is easy to use and best


If your using a host or VPS, MongoDB is good from what I’ve heard, but I have had lots of trouble installing the MongoDB driver on my Raspberry Pi.

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Good point. I plan on using their free their until I can’t.

I use nedb which is just MongoDB but is more of a lighter version.

You’ll mostly find people using mongodb because it’s easy to use with node but mysql is just one single server that supports sql out of many

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i prefer redis (speed mostly)

@TurboBiscuit i am trying to keep it cheap, so I don’t think I’d use redis.

There are lots of free mysql hosts and even some postgresql, mongodb also offically has free 512mb hosting

Yeah, but most MySQL hosts have bad uptime or REALLY strict rules.

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Really? Mine, doesn’t have much rules and maintence only occurs once every few months. I get it from 's database section. They might be generous enough to give you a free postgresql database also

I prefer mongodb for its really easy to use with node.js projects, and you can host it for free with Atlas. Which also makes latency low if you choose aws east server.

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mongodb atlas, i always go for AWS-west (Ireland) so i can get a better connection to my database

So. For a little bit, I have been making an API with MongoDB. I have made one with MySQL. I find Mongo to be easier to code, but MySQL has the upper hand when it comes to functions. For instance to find something is Mongo, I have to use .findOne(jsonhere) but with MySQL, I can do (“SELECT FROM ‘table’ where (blah blah blah)”)

I prefer MySQL, I self host the server so we get really good performance and speeds out of it (less than 1ms), but if you really need a free database, go for MongoDB Atlas (though I’ve experienced some very slow query speeds with MongoDB Atlas during testing, 100-200ms) or sqlite3 when you can. I mostly chose MySQL since I’m very familiar with SQL and I don’t really like the MongoDB structure.

Whenever I am using Glitch, I always go for AWS (which Glitch hosts with) and one of the free American locations, as I assume the Glitch servers would be hosted in America too, so therefore I would get the fastest speeds possible :slight_smile: After all, I don’t need a better connection to the database, the app does.


S I have chosen to use Mongoose over MySQL. I am not gonna close the poll cause l’d like to see what other people think.

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I use quick.db because its name actually describes pretty well how fast it goes.

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I need something I can use with other hosts and that can’t be wiped by corruption