Newer version of GLIBC to support bun installations?

Hi, would it be possible to update the glibc (and other system libraries that bun might depend on)?

Bun provides a vastly more compatible ESM/typescript workflow than node.js and I’ve been using it extensively for local development. However, it requires GLIBC 2.25, and Glitch VMs only seem to have up to 2.23, which is over 2 years old (I ran strings /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ | grep GLIBC to check).

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Hi @bwasti - updating GLIBC is going to be part of our current infrastructure update work. I get into that a little bit in my response here: Thoughts / plans around bun?


I believe bun also needs a newer version of the Linux kernel

New kernel will be coming with the container updates :pray: :pray:

I’m personally very excited for Bun, and have been using it locally for projects (including a :shushing_face: top secret :shushing_face: project) and it’s SO FAST and delightful. The TS integration is really interesting and worth investigating too.


This is cool to hear - I’m going to try running a local instance of Postmarks with Bun to get more familiar with it!

I’ve been building parts of nixpkgs for Glitch, with newer glibc and compilers. they have a distribution of bun too. I’m tracking the stable nixos 23.05 set though, which is only on bun 0.6.x. is there any interest in that old version?

there will be another stable release nominally in november where they’ll at least have bun 1.0.

Wowie, it’s been 5 years since we kicked off this whole idea of updating the container. I know timelines are essentially kind of deadlines/goals that your sort of commit to, but given the growing amount of incompatibilities we seem to be reaching can we at least get a rough idea if this is still going to happen in any form?

Glitch’s static hosting seems pretty modern and sweet, but I just wish I could say the same for the containers. @wh0’s nix integeration does seem like a good starting place, it brings the reproducibility of docker without just giving the user the option to select a dockerfile and do weird things. I’ve also heard that it even serves as a config system in some cases…but exploring nix and nix os is in my to do list for this year.

I did say above that we are actively working on it - were it not to be happening, I would just say that it’s not in our current plans. But I appreciate and understand both the frustration and patience. This endeavor involves clearing technical debt, testing and ensuring that projects will actually work, and creating a workflow for enabling more regular, frequent updates (unlike how we’ve done in the past) which is why this is taking as much time as it is.


Will Glitch containers have postgres and redis? If so, I’ll be looking forward to it!

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