Notifications for questions on my projects?


Apologies if this feature already exists, but it would be great to be able to receive notifications when people ask questions on our projects.


It doesn’t but it has already been well requested by others too, and it’s definitely something we’re keen to support.


What is the current method now, just visit your project page to see questions?


later today we’ll have and auto fetch the latest projects. We’re thinking about allowing ppl to opt in to getting web notifications when new questions come in, but we’re not sure if that’s mostly relevant to platform providers like yourself or a thing normal ppl would want to do too. (determining this will help us figure out the best place for this feature to live)

the endpoint for glitch questions is, so you can build a custom solution off that in the meantime (let us know if you do!)

Chrome notifications for help requests

All of this sounds great. From the community end, I’d love to be able to follow whatever project I’d like (not just mine) and even tags to help more generally.


@pketh: looks like there are 2 requests to the API endpoint instead of 1 ( is loaded in 2 places)


@TBD yup, today I’m all about bug fixing: fixing that is on my list :slight_smile: Thanks!