P5.js example project using webpack with htmlwebpack and hot-reload plugin middleware


Project URL: https://hyperdev.com/#!/project/hurricane-terrier

I wanted to get a sample project up and running using webpack. I like this setup because I can develop essentially seamlessly between a local setup on my laptop and here on hyperdev without having to have two build processes. Anyway, I hope somebody finds it instructive.

Also really excited about the export/import Github functionality, looking forward to using that. Best of luck!


Hi - this is throwing an error when I try running it. Any idea why?



Yeah, I foolishly depended on a alpha version of express that is no longer in the npm registry, changing the express version to something more stable should get the project back up and running. One other note, this depended on webpack 1. Webpack 2 likely has breaking changes.

"dependencies": {
	"p5": "^0.5.7",
	"express": "^4.14.1"

Here is a remixed version with the updated dependency.


For anyone looking for a comprehensive Webpack Hot Module Reload I’ve ported this project. The README.md gives the project pedigree.