My Project name is fakehypixel

As soon as I get discord.js the package.json doesn’t work

@SeasonalDevelopment sorry you’re seeing this! I’ve alerted the team to the issue. Even though you’re seeing this linting error, your project should still be working correctly.

My discord bot isn’t starting up, I need to make bots for my client please.

parse error: Invalid string: control characters from U+0000 through U+001F must be escaped at line 13, column 5

There is an error, just not with the first line. There should be a quote after the "dependencies (cc @potch)


Perfect! I see a couple more issues with your package.json:

  • Remove the lines with node and fs, since those aren’t actual packages
  • Switch the node engine from "8.x" to "12.x". Some features you’re using in your project (like try/catch) need a newer version of Node.js to work
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Can you please do it for me I don’t really know what you mean

I can’t really edit your project since you’re the owner of it.

However, it looks like you made most of the fixes already! Just add another quote (") after the word dependencies in your package.json file, to match the quote at the beginning of it.

That part of the file should look like this:

"dependencies": {

Sir i did what you said, but the token error is still there, have I missed anything?

Hm what token error? It seems to be working for me

Nvm, sir thank you for all your help it means a lot now I can code a bot for my client your the best!

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No problem, glad it’s working!

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