Play audio not work

hi , i want to play audio in my assett and it was work 1 month ago but its not work for now.
bot leaves after join voice channel why ?

 if(aç === "giorno" || aç === "Giorno" || aç === "jojo2") 
      var VC = message.member.voiceChannel;
        if (!VC)
            return message.reply("herhangi bir sesli kanalda değilsin.")
        .then(connection => {
            const dispatcher = connection.playFile('./assets/audio/giorno.mp3');
            dispatcher.on("end", end => {VC.leave()});

you will need to parse it

This has also become a recent issue for me, I used a glitch project to keep a discord bot playing a radio in a discord channel, then all of a sudden it stopped working with no problems, something on glitches end changed that has somehow stopped opus engines from working!

Would the playFile emit an end event if it can’t find the mp3 file?

Perhaps the value of “current working directory” (the meaning of the dot in the path) is no longer what you expect. Can you try with a path of '/app/assets/audio/giorno.mp3'

If that works as a workaround, is there a change in the way the app is started?

Another possibility is if Glitch is experimenting with a real folder for the cdn assets, which would conflict with your own assets folder … renaming it might help.

on my test bot connection.playFile(’./assets/audio/giorno.mp3’); this one is working
but on my real bot not working with same code …

when i use enable-pnpm its working but i dont want use enable-pnpm from my real bot

Why do you not want to use enable-pnpm for your real bot? Also is there any difference in the test bot code and your real bots code and are both tested on glitch or just one?