Opus engines no longer working

After using glitch for nearly half a year to host a discord.js music bot for bounce radio, it eventually stopped working, and I had no clue why. I was confused for about a month trying to fix this, I then moved the bot to new hosting and it worked fine, so the code was not the issue, glitch team had just changed something about projects that have made opus or ffmpeg no longer work, I think this should be looked into as I have also seen others ask why their music bot does not work!

If you are using master branch of Discord.js:
Discord.js has developed a new opus module to handle such processes. You should be able to install it by running: npm i @discordjs/opus

The preferred audio engine is @discordjs/opus, as it performs significantly better than opusscript. When both are available, discord.js will automatically choose @discordjs/opus. Using opusscript is only recommended for development environments where @discordjs/opus is tough to get working. For production bots, using @discordjs/opus should be considered a necessity, especially if they’re going to be running on multiple servers.

hi! can you let me know the name of the project that stopped working and when it stopped working?