Project downtime 3/25

Hi there, my projects are not loading at all. It stays on the “Waking up…” Page for a while and then goes to “http request timed out”.

look at

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What does the title of the page say?

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“We’re deescalating this incident back to expectations of degraded performance for some users until we’re confident this issue is resolved”

They need to escalate it back to a major outage, everyone’s projects who weren’t cached just went down.

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I mean like the title of your project page when you try to load it up.

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Unable to login via GitHub. Gives me a Databse Error.

Their project container is down.

It probably has something to do with the outage. Glitch API is broken.

For sure, since no projects load at all.

It does the “Waking up - to keep Glitch fast for everyone inactive projects go to sleep” then about a few minutes later it says “http request timed out”.

Possibly their DB was leaked and their getting DDosed but that’s a low possiblity.

I mean anything is a possibility but I would just guess that their API is not used to this much traffic.

I know. If projects get more than (I think it’s) 200 request per hour, that’s wayyyyyy too many requests for it. :joy: For static sites I use github, but I’m really counting on Glitch to step up their game. I honestly think there’s less of a response on their end because of COVID-19 and less employees.

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You never know ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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True. But Discord is mainly working offsite when there’s downtime. But I suppose that maybe Glitch should step up.

Lol I’m on mobile and yeahhhh i can’t see the titles

The maintenance title could just be a something for downtime idk.

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As far as I know, it’s said that since March 22nd when the first update was posted on

They’ve figured it out!

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I take my words back. They’re also working offsite.