Project downtime 3/25

Hello all, sorry for the troubles - we’re experiencing a major outage for projects and the editor right now. You can subscribe to updates at


Thanks for the update. Do you know what is causing this?

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Again??? Yeah its down AGAIN!

What in the world are causing all these outages this month?

Hi there, my projects are not loading at all. It stays on the “Waking up…” Page for a while and then goes to “http request timed out”.

Hey, Glitch editor down?

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my project pikachu is not loading


503: undefined

API is unresponsive. Please try again.


Hey Glitch Team - Do we have access to the underlying glitch repo still? If so how could I go about accessing this?

Could we get an explanation for all of the outages recently?

Please! All the outages seem to be coming out of nowhere

Title says it all. It’s happened around 9:40 AM (UTC) at Mar. 25.
sorry if my English is bad

Glitch is still having issues. You can check the current status at

@support_staff, can we merge this thread with the main outage thread?

One of the my project isn’t loading and i don’t know what should i do

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@support_staff, can we merge this topic with the main outage thread?

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