"project foxdiscord-bot suspended: You exceeded the disk space limit on node_modules. If you feel this has been an error, contact us at support@glitch.com"


Pls help a problem closed my project i have +10k users +170 servers.


Hi @egolugur welcome to the Glitch forum!

Your project was temporarily in an inconsistent state and had too much space taken up by the node-modules directory. Once it was unsuspended the disk space issue cleared itself up.

It looks like there’s another problem with your package.json file. Greetings, I need help with a mistake. talks about the problem and its likely solution.



Yep! That’s probably caused by the fact that you have node listed in your package.json dependencies as I noted in the answer I linked to.


i don’t understand what i should do


Hello @egolugur,

In your project, there should be a file called package.json, Can you go into this file, there should be a dependencies section, inside that, you should see a line that would be similar to this:

"node" : "(version)",

Can you find this in the dependencies section, and remove that line completely, then come back to us and tell us if your problem has been resolved.

Happy Glitching!


I did what he said same problem persists


Can you send me a link to your project in a private message so I can take a further look?


how can i write your dm


You can click on my name, then you should see a blue box with the word message inside it, click that and give the private message a name, and the invite link to your project!


I have fixed the problem, I am just going to fix some deprecation errors, because I have upgraded your discord.js module, and it uses a new feature which has to be changed a little in your code!


ohh thank you for helping


May I have your discord so I can speak to you more, as I want to talk a little more and I have some questions about something you have that I have been trying to work out for quite some time!