Project mem, and disk full

i have a project known as grave-path, and when i tried to install something via curl, the entire disk/memory filled up, is there a way to fix this?
this is for nothing
this is for a new programming language, and the translator, compiler, and runtime scripts barely take up a mb

Hey @Jonyk56 that project looks fine to me; are you still having problems?

hey cori, can you help me with my latest issue @cori

I can help! Could you link me?

Sorry! I don’t have knowledge on that issue. Someone will reply to that thread soon to help!

when i try to install a certain compiler using curl -o it completely fills up cpu, mem, and disk, and takes until the next morning to clear up

Hey @Jonyk56 can you share the full command you’re using?

curl -o src/scrtch.exe

Hey @Jonyk56 I’m not sure exactly what you’re hoping for here since that download is for a graphical desktop app and not just a compiler. I don’t have the same experience you’re having with that command in a brand-new project, but if you’re running that in a project with much stored in its disk space it’s going to exceed that space pretty easily, so I suspect you might be seeing side-effects of projects that are very near or just over their allowable disk space.

Also .exe files won’t be able to be ran in Glitch as .exe files only run on Windows/Windows Server.
Glitch uses Debian (A Linux distro), so only apps compiled in your container or pre-compiled for Linux will work. If you really wanted to run an .exe on Linux you would have to use software called wine. However, the files for wine are around ~100-200 MB and would cause you to run out of disk space.

i know that, but, i have a trick, i know how to compile .exe files into a runnable linux file using python, and my trick works well every time

Seems interesting, could you give me some links/source as to where/how this works! Thanks!

i sure can! but it will take awhile, i usually don’t write python files from a scratch.exe file, i have to decode a good bit.

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@xXProGamerXx almost done with it…

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Got an update on this @Jonyk56 ? Im wondering how you do that

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