Project_name / project_domain

I keep forgetting to ask about this… Is the default env variable PROJECT_NAME supposed to update after changing the project ‘name’ in the editor? Currently it looks like only PROJECT_DOMAIN does:

$ printenv | grep PROJECT

Also, would it be possible for PROJECT_DOMAIN to include the fully qualified domain name and not just the subdomain? It’d make it just a tad easier to deploy to different servers if you don’t have to concat domain names together, looks cleaner in the code too. Perhaps a PROJECT_FQDN could be added?

To be clear I already added an FQDN to my .env’s as needed, just thinking it might be useful to have one already available.

Hi @shindakun,

we replaced PROJECT_NAME with PROJECT_DOMAIN, but left PROJECT_NAME for backward compatibility for now – but we didn’t consider that we have to update it when the project gets renamed, thanks for pointing it out!

As for the PROJECT_FQDN, this is an interesting idea, we’ll consider it! Thanks :slight_smile:

Happy coding!