Projects Loading Slowly or Not At All


I’m sorry that some of you are having difficulty loading your projects at the moment! Our team is aware and working on a fix. Status page is the place to go for updates.


Glitch Projects Currently Are Not Loading For Me, It Is Not My Internet (Everything Else Works Fine), Please Look Into

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Glitch is having issues with their API:

The editor won’t load after the outage, and will just return errors or be in an infinite load loop

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Exactly the same thing is happening to me. :expressionless:

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Then it just barely loaded rn, wth

Now, it says it can’t connect to Glitch

Check the status. Something is happening… The API ping got high.

Yeah my new project is also very slow and I want to release it today. How unlucky!

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oof, something’s wrong with the Project Container. It’s usually 100, I’m guessing that’s the problem.

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Im having problems too.

Mine won’t load at all right now, gives:

Unknown: Server error

An unexpected error has occurred.

undefined - Loads fast, but loading the list of projects is slow
Any website I made with glitch - really slow nvm, i just got 504
" 504 Gateway Time-out"

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504 Gateway timeout that’s what I got

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Got this on my project?

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I got the same thing…

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503: undefined

API is unresponsive. Please try again.


I tried reloading and I got ^

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Sometimes it would load but would take awhile

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Its now 0%

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