Projects Shutting Down And Reactivating


I seem to have a problem with my projects on Glitch. I am a Discord.JS Bot Developer, and I am running my bots in here. Never encountered a problem/issue before.

However, since recently, my projects have been shutting down and going back up. It started with my project discordjs-dukbot and quickly spread to all of my projects. They either don’t respond to messages/commands or immediately shut down. I do not have any errors in my codes, I have an HTTP server, I have Uptime Robot pinging the projects, however Uptime Robot tells me that the monitors are down and going back up after some time. This means that the project isn’t going to sleep, this means that there might be a problem with the HTTP Server or with my account.

The projects shut down after a time period of 10 to 30 minutes, and go back up after 5 to 15 seconds of the shutdown.

Any help would be much appreciated, and if necessary, I can try to find more information based on what you need to know.


The server code looks fine and responds to an http request. What url are you pinging in uptime robot and how often? Do you get any errors in your logs when these shutdowns occur? Do the shutdowns occur consistently every 10-30 mins or sporadically? It sounds like they’re erroring forcing your project to restart


I am using the URL to ping the project. I ping it every 5 minutes. There is an unhandled error event upon shutdown, however, not all projects show this error. Some shut down without any errors. The shutdowns are more sporadic than consistent.

I have an image of the error right here.