Discord Bot constantly shutting down

Hi there.

I’m a bit at a loss, since a few days my discord bot keeps shutting down constantly. I have it running since months already, usually not without much issues.
I have uptimerobot set up to ping the project every 5 minutes through HTTP, while my project simply returns an HTTP 200 message as response.
On top of that, the project pings itself every 3 minutes.

The discord bot itself is not crashing either, if keep it active manually everything is just fine.

Uptimerobot doesn’t register any downtimes whatsoever, but when visiting the URL of the project I get the typical ‘Glitch startup’, so it’s clearly the entire project which is offline.

Weird is also that UptimeRobot is stating that the project is online since the last 33 hours, yet not showing any response time at all:

This has been happening to me too. The best thing to do at this point would be to wait it out or try a different pinging service, although I am not sure how much it would help because I suspect this is a Glitch issue.

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Why is the average response time 0.00ms?

Mine shuts down like once everyday…not sure what the problem is.

The bot shutting down and going offline is a huge Uptime Robot issue. Uptimerobot has issues pinging bots, sometimes it will work sometime it will not work. Causing the bot to go asleep. There is a glitch run alternative for keeping your bot awake without shutting down. You can use Awake as it keeps the project up 24/7 while pinging it every minute. The first thing you would need to do is remove your uptime robot monitor and add your glitch http url to awake. I have been using Awakae for a day now and it works great with no downtime.

Before you use Awake I recomend checking out Awake Support so you have a better understanding on what Awake will do for you.

Personally I suggest Awake to keep projects alive. As Uptimerobot has many issues when pinging glitch projetcs.


I switched over to using Awake after your post, and it works like a charm. Uptimerobot was barely able to keep the bot alive for more than 10 minutes in a row, with Awake it’s now running for hours straight, without any real downtime ever. Thanks!