ProxyCommand implementations for SSH

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I’ve used Glitch for some experiments in a study I conducted on alternatives for implementing a non-native ProxyCommand for SSH, with a focus on interpreter availability, memory usage overhead, and implementation complexity.

update: scripts now available online

Nice comparison!

Can I see the code for the Node version of the proxy? What is its exact purpose?

Here’s the Node version:

#!/usr/bin/env node
const net = require('net');
const sock = new net.Socket();
sock.connect(xx, 'xxxx', () => {

Really concise! Node has very well-matched abstractions for doing this kind of work.

The exact purpose: I’m writing a ProxyCommand to interact with a relay, which is part of my project for storing Git repositories on a phone: Which is why I compared the overhead to a Git clone operation (:

edit: mistakenly referred to this as a relay. it’s not; the relay is separate. the ProxyCommand interacts with the relay.

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