Quick.db problem

Hi guys ! I’m making a leaderboard for my server and i have problems with it, i got an error “db.startsWith is not a function” and i want some help

Here is the code

if (args[0] == 'credits') {
 let money = db.startsWith(`money_${message.guild.id}`, { sort: '.data'})
 let content = "";

 for (let i = 0; i < money.length; i++) {
     let user = bot.users.get(money[i].ID.split('_')[2]).username

     content += `${i+1}. ${user} ~ ${money[i].data}\n`

 const embed = new Discord.RichEmbed()
 .setDescription(`**Topul creditelor pe serverul ${message.guild.name}**\n\n${content}`)



Not sure, but does this help? Discord bot with quick.db, db.startsWith is not a function

db.startsWith() has been deprecated. The new method for getting data entries that start with a specific string has changed to

let money = await db.all().filter(data => data.ID.startsWith(`money_${message.guild.id}`)).sort((a,b) => b.data - a.data);