Reconnecting... issues

The hell of reconnecting issue is back with your website. And this time it is even affecting your support api(this site) too. I hope your fixing it soon

Hi @rajeevkrao,

Can you tell us when the reconnecting is occurring?

Periodically like 10secs or 30secs just randomly it starts reconnecting

Thanks for letting us know! Are there additional details that you can tell us about this that you think may help?

For example:
Does it happen on any page in glitch or just the editor?
Also, what happens if you try using a different internet connection?

Well i cannot try different internet connection as i have only one. But yeah it does makes a lag in editor and while writing the thread it used to but now its not.

Thanks for letting us know. Before we can investigate further, we need to make sure that this is not being caused by your internet connection.

If you continue to have this problem, please see if you can find a different internet connection to try accessing glitch from. If you try on a different connection and continue to have the problem, we can troubleshoot further.

Ok i will see what i can do