After reconnecting, Editor stops working properly

The editor has recently gotten some annoying bugs.
Sometimes, when I code with my friend @zImPatrick, it says “Reconnecting…” and after that, it happens almost every time.
If I continue editing after the message “Reconnecting…” disappeared and the message “Connected” appeared, then it places the code whereever the editor wants, but not there, where it has to go.

It looks clean and nice on my end…

…but on my friend’s site (or when I reload it on my PC), it looks like garbage:
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Please fix that, because it is, like I said already, pretty annoying, when I try it, does not work, but don’t see any issues on my editor.

Here’s the second image:

Hey @DaylySmile, I’m sorry for the bother and hassle you’re encountering!

The “Reconnecting” message typically happens where there’s some sort of disruption between your browser’s Editor session and the Glitch servers. It can be really frustrating to run into that and to troubleshoot it, but here are a few questions we can start with:

  • do you see this behavior on all projects, or just some? If some, which ones?
  • do you always encounter this when working with @zImPatrick or only sometimes? Do you see it only when you’re working with them or also when working with others? Do you ever see it when you’re working solo?
  • does @zImPatrick see the same “Reconnecting” problems at the same time?
  • do you see the issue when you’re working in a private window with all of your extensions turned off?
  • do you see this problem when working from a different network, like a library or coffee shop, or from your phone or other mobile device?

If these problems were widespread and in our code or infrastructure I suspect we’d see a lot more complaints about it, so my suspicion is that the source of the problem is somewhere between you and Glitch, and these answers may help us figure out where the problem lies.

To reply to your mentioned questions:

  • I can’t tell, if this behavior is on all projects, but it usually happens at my projects dayterm, daylysmile and smile-js.
  • I see the “Reconnecting” message only sometimes, but it happens more often, when I work together with @zImPatrick at the same time.
  • I can’t tell if @zImPatrick has the same issue, but it seems like he doesn’t encounter these problems.
  • I didn’t tried this, so I can’t tell if a private window can help (but I try this as soon as possible).
  • I normally work on my Glitch projects at home, but this issue usually happens on my Windows computer and on my Raspberry Pi.

ive had this happen a few times before usually when i go afk and somone else is working on it

Hey @DaylySmile I’d really like to know how you get along in an incognito / private window. We do know some extensions can cause problems with Glitch, so I’d like to eliminate that here.