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GitHub Profile README Header Image Generator

That’s a very long name. By the time I finish reading the title, a whole day will be over.

Generate beautiful header images for your GitHub profile READMEs.

GitHub now allows us to add READMEs to our profile describing ourselves but what if we need a header image in the README with your name and a small greeting? This generator comes to your rescue and saves the day (well, not a big thing and not very useful and it doesn’t really save the day :shrug:)

Once you generate the image and upload it somewhere (like a CDN), you can use it in your README like this:

Instructions for use

  1. Go to, scroll all the way down and log in with GitHub.

  2. Once you login with GitHub, you’ll be redirected to a page where you are able to customise your own header image.

  3. Then, click on Generate Image and the generated image will appear. Below the image, you’ll see a yellow-coloured box :sweat_smile: that says ‘Add to username/username’. For this to work, you will have to create a repo and give it the name of your username. (Like khalby786/khalby786).

  4. Click on ‘Add to username/username’. Then navigate towards your profile README repo and you will see a new file created with the name of header.png.

  5. Now to use it in your README! You could use /header.png in the README file (with Markdown) and it will work just fine in the preview of the README in the repo page but when you navigate back to your user page at, you’ll see a weird image which does not look anything like the header you have designed.

    It turns out to be some other image under the same file name and route.

    To solve this, navigate to the header.png file in the repo that you’ve stored it. Then, right click on the image and copy its URL. Then go back to your README and add in the URL you just copied as the source of the header image.

    At least you don’t need to worry about hosting now!

Note that username is your GitHub username.

This is literally something I created in 1 day with Vue, so you’re sure to find a lot of bugs and bad code (and code practises), make sure to report them here. I also aim to make the code better and also more readable.

New features are being added whenever I can, make sure to check 'em out.


@khalby786 it says project not found

edit: link is fixed

Hehe, thanks for letting me know, I’ve fixed it!

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your welcome @khalby786

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Thats really cool! Thanks!

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Woah this is great! Hope there’s custom fonts on the future updates you release! Really promising.


Pretty cool! Can’t wait to see future updates.

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Looks awesome! May use! Would be cool if you hosted the images on a CDN so we can just stick the code in. :slight_smile:

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the server is on glitch so every time someone viewed your profile it would ping your project. so we have a github pinging service? I don’t remeber github having a image proxy though

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Right now, you have to download the image, if I understand right. That’s why I suggested making a CDN (maybe on another provider) so he can host them not us :slight_smile:


You can upload it to github and use theirs

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Just upload the image into the repo and copy the link

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I made this

my sense of humor is weird today


Thanks for all your great feedback! Next up, I’m going to add custom fonts as @ElectricReality has suggested and bunch of other features. I will also look for options to host the images in the same project or automatically upload it to a CDN.

Peace! :v:

I see a whole lot of new jokes coming up with this generator… :joy::joy::slightly_smiling_face:

This is so cool! Hours of fun here:

Glad to see that y’all are liking it!


I have found a way to host these images, although it’s not very automatic.

  1. Once you generate an image, right click on the image and save it.

  2. Go to and upload the image that you saved.

  3. Make sure to copy the link provided once you’ve uploaded the image there and then you can happily use it in your README! is a remix of the ~image-hosting project. I aim to make this a completely automatic process in the future (probably with the use of POST requests).

Peace out! :v:

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Also, GitHub user @Akshay090 has submitted a pull request (which I have merged) which fixes some CSS bugs and auto updates the preview while changing colors, thanks for the contribution!

again, this would be a much better way.