Remove ".glitch" from url links?

Hello, I use glitch to send interactive 3D models to people for review. The URLs that I send out contain the original,, in them. Is it possible to remove this or change it to something else?

For example I would like to send my URL format as


rather than

https:/// (extra slash because I am unable to attach 2 links)

Not an experienced coder.

Thank you

this process refers to getting a “custom domain.” the default domain that you get for free on Glitch is the, while a custom domain might be

I’ll talk about three things you need in order to do this.

  1. everyone everywhere needs to agree what is. what works currently is to register in a great big worldwide, shared system that keeps track of every domain name. that costs money fyi, with “.com” domains being somewhere around $10 per year. this is called “domain registration,” and there are various companies that will do it. for money, of course.
  2. once the world agrees that you’re in charge of, you need to tell that great big worldwide, shared system that browsers opening a URL should connect to Glitch. this part is kind of fiddly, but we have people here who can help you.
  3. you need to set up Glitch to understand that when browsers connect to it looking for, Glitch should send your project in response. and you’ll be annoyed that I buried this point last, but there is currently no way to do that. see their notice about this:

we’re all waiting for that last thing to come back in service :pray:

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