Res.render not working, Failed to lookup view "../index" in views directory "/app/views"

Link to project:!/gli-forktery?path=server.js%3A11%3A3

Starting on line 9, I have a app.get function that is supposed to show my index.ejs file to the viewer. The index.ejs file is in the views folder, like it is supposed to. However, when I show my project next to the code, I see this:

What am I doing wrong? It seems like Glitch thinks my code is trying to server “…/index” instead of “index”.

I was able to fix this error. However, now my index.ejs file does not consume the styles I placed in it with a link tag <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="styles.css">. Do I have to explicitly serve these files with express?

You should set a public directory.
Can I get an invite? (Invite isn’t working, might be glitch downtime?)

Works fine for me :slight_smile: Edit: to be able to edit click on your profile and click ‘request to edit’

Hey i know you! XD

You should move your style.css into your public directory and then add something like this line


Then your style.css will be avaliable at and you can link it using that path or relative paths for that