Error regarding index.html

Hi, I haven’t touched my code in ~1 month but I’m running into an error with
“Not Found
The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server.”

I’m not sure why this is happening but I know others who are experiencing this same error. It has just started a couple of days ago.

Thank you!

which project is it? hello-express?

Yes, it’s a hello-express project


you need to put your index.html file in the /views folder

change the name to views/index.html along with any other site files like CSS or javascript

I’m not seeing an index.html file or a /views folder - I imported this project from my github and it was working fine for 1 month+ until just now when I get that error. Was something changed recently with the views folder?

if you do not have an index.html file, go to the github repo and copy and paste into a file called views/index.html

nothing has changed I don’t think

weird, I’ve never had an index.html file and i’ve always been fine, but now when i try to open up my project, it appends /index.html to the end of rather than going directly to my, and i’m not sure why this is happening

well this is wierd.

the protocol for this kind of thing has changed, in other words- the reason it always goes to this is file is because glitch has been configured to rely on it for the page

is there anyway to change the configuration so that it doesn’t search for this file? because I know that the entire thing works without that index.html

well, here is where things get technical.

have you heard of ‘nginx’?

never heard of nginx, I was hoping that there would be a way to undo whatever change glitch rolled out so I can not depend on the index.html?

i’ll explain.

nginx is a server framework, glitch websites run off these things.

It is configured to rely on an index.html file, the configuration files unfortunately require root access to edit. And you could end up breaking the website and making it inaccessible!

These kind of questions you should get into @glitch_support about, as they are the people who set up this

Maybe you could try this:

Get the site code and use to turn it into an express app

Hi @Madlani

Where and when did this specific message appear?

“Not Found
The requested URL /index.html was not found on this server.”