[Resolved] Passing sever side data to client side

UPDATED) I have solved this. Since I needed to just send one small number with each display of the webpage - I put it in the header and just got it out in the webpage.

I want to pass an ID number from my server.js (it’s coming in from the call to the endpoint in server,js) to index.html. in my server.js I am still using the sendFile to display index.html as in the original Dream HTML. (except I am displaying my modified html file - not the dream display)

What do I need to do to pass this ID to the HTML? Not use sendFile and use something else to display the HTML? I am not displaying the ID and just need it for processing on the client side and then it’s actually passed back to another endpoint in server.js to do some other processing.

I am a beginner in HTML and Node JS so looking for some help - thanks. i have spent ours looking for the best solutions - tried a few things and nothing is working correctly.