[RESOLVED] Some projects suspended in error

We are working on a fix to an issue that lead to some projects being suspended in error.

We will post updates as they come on our status page: Glitch Status - Some projects suspended in error

Updated: this is now resolved. If your project is still suspended and you believe it’s in error, contact support at help.glitch.com with the project name in question.


A number of my projects were just reported. I’ve contacted support, but it’s very odd

Is anyone else experiencing this? These are all projects I either work on with a team or I’ve posted on twitter before

Ah, thanks @jenn. Glitch Status - Some projects suspended in error

Yeah, I’m sorry for all that - we think all projects are back up and running, let me know if any of yours still show as suspended!


all clear on my end :blush:

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same for me !

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