4 projects suspended, support not replying


I have 4 projects suspended, I’ve contacted support on Friday and its Monday now and there’s no reply yet.

Any idea?

Kind regards.

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Support only works on business days. Meaning that Today is the 2nd day your msg has been in there inbox. Also depending on what time you sent the msg, it might have been after office hours for them. They should get back to you by tommorow.


I know that its the 2nd day, but I usually got a reply after few minutes from submitting a ticket. That’s why I am wondering why it took so long.

In what sense is “suspended”? Are your projects not working due to Glitch issues? Or did you stop them yourself? If the first, then read the relevant topics. Maybe something will help you.

@xyligan Usually ‘suspended’ is referring to a message that get’s put on their project page saying that their project is no longer available due to breaking of ToS.

Just like what @EddiesTech has said.

Then these are the problems of the project owner. Let them think, remember that he violated.

@EddiesTech In my case here its not ToS breaking… My projects have been suspending since the past 6 months for no reason and support unsuspends them.

Perhaps you were banned from Glitch for violating community rules?

@xyligan No. The projects crashes and support tells me everytime to check my project logs but I can’t find any issues.

Hmm … Have you tried re-creating projects? Did this help?

I don’t think this will help, because even some projects I’ve recently created get suspended (even empty ones)

Just email support@glitch.com and they can help you, there is no need to make new projects.


Glitch is open right now so this would be a good time for an email.

I’ve already did that.

You should just wait it out in that case. Glitch is likley very busy do to the outages.

If support is not responding, just wait a while. Perhaps they are busy with something …


I wish you the best of luck getting your project unbanned!

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Do not panic because of trifles. Just wait and everything will be decided.

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I heard somewhere that they are ceasing traffic to 50% of projects to try to stabilize the system

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