Reviewing Your Glitch Projects

Similar to Riverside Rocks’ video, I’ve been working on a small project that will allow people to submit their own Glitch projects, and view them also.

Introducing GlitchFindr!

Please submit some of your Glitch projects and I may or may not review them for a video :slight_smile:

Your epic gamer,

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Nice! Also wanted to let everyone know that there’s something called PatchingHQ, which often features Glitch projects on Twitter. Also, @will, can you create a better CSS? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah, thats a really neat twitter bot! The owner responded to some of my comments on the patching website.

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Yeah! Sorry it’s not the best, I just kind of threw it together.

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When do you plan to make the video?

Recording now!



@will is it too late to include my project?
MealsPOS - Restaurant Point of Sale app written in NodeJS