Running Node App in a production mode


First I want to say Glitch is AWESOME! It has let me learn Node and Express I think in the easiest way as a beginner to Node. This is such a great platform! Support is bar none the best!

With Glitch being free is it alright to run a node app as a production application from Glitch? I have looked at other platforms to run it as production and find them to not be as user friendly for at least a beginner like me in the Node world. Or will there be a paid version at some point for this? Is there things I would have to consider to run a production app here is it’s ok to do?



Yes, absolutely - for example is a Glitch project. They only thing to be aware of is the limit of 4000 requests per hour. Depending on traffic to your app that could be a lot or a little. But let us know if it becomes an issue and we can help you out.


Great thanks! Love the platform.

So is there a way to tell the details of say an app and how it’s performing? How many requests and over what period etc? Something i can see and monitor?

Also the lock that is right below the name when you click on the name and the drop down. If I click on it it turns yellow. What is it locking? The App so no one else can see it?



We don’t provide a monitoring solution out of the box, but there are plenty of libraries and third-party solutions you can use.

The lock makes your project private - this means the code is no longer viewable by non-members of the project and it can’t be remixed. The published app is still viewable by all.