Running Node App in a production mode


First I want to say Glitch is AWESOME! It has let me learn Node and Express I think in the easiest way as a beginner to Node. This is such a great platform! Support is bar none the best!

With Glitch being free is it alright to run a node app as a production application from Glitch? I have looked at other platforms to run it as production and find them to not be as user friendly for at least a beginner like me in the Node world. Or will there be a paid version at some point for this? Is there things I would have to consider to run a production app here is it’s ok to do?



Yes, absolutely - for example is a Glitch project. They only thing to be aware of is the limit of 4000 requests per hour. Depending on traffic to your app that could be a lot or a little. But let us know if it becomes an issue and we can help you out.


Great thanks! Love the platform.

So is there a way to tell the details of say an app and how it’s performing? How many requests and over what period etc? Something i can see and monitor?

Also the lock that is right below the name when you click on the name and the drop down. If I click on it it turns yellow. What is it locking? The App so no one else can see it?



We don’t provide a monitoring solution out of the box, but there are plenty of libraries and third-party solutions you can use.

The lock makes your project private - this means the code is no longer viewable by non-members of the project and it can’t be remixed. The published app is still viewable by all.


@Gareth so on the 4000 requests per hour - is that per my account or per project or per endpoint?


Hey @Jeff the 4000 req/hour is a limit on incoming requests per project.

Let us know if you have further questions.


@cori thanks for the reply. So is there any options with Glitch to scale now or in the future? Paid tier? (I would pay)

I love the platform and the community. Gareth helped me with some code when I got started which was awesome! just have alot of fun here lol

we have a project that will need to scale quick - all depends on the number and size of customers we get. I spent time on AWS and was not happy with the performance of my apps there.

Let me know if there is anyway now or will there be in the future. thanks!


Hey @Jeff there absolutely will be paid plans in the future, but I’m not comfortable saying anything more specific than “sometime in 2019”. We also don’t know precisely what these will include, but some form of additional resources and always-on projects are both likely to be included. Higher request limits have also been discussed.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific; believe me, we want you to be able to pay us as much as you want to!


Thanks @cori I am VERY interested so please keep me informed!