Scrubbed by Glitch 2020-03-26T09:51:49+0000

I’ve noticed that in some of my projects, I’ve noticed this line towards the end of the .env file:

# Scrubbed by Glitch 2020-03-26T09:51:49+0000

It was meant to be a comment but wasn’t commented properly because of a space before the #. Some of my other projects have different times like

# Scrubbed by Glitch 2020-04-15T05:57:06+0000

@glitch_support, what is this and is it okay to remove it from the .env?

it is just the date you made the project it does not affect anything
you should be fine to remove it!
(i removed mine for my project and nothing bad has happened)
the .env file is to store values such as tokens and client secrets
i hope that helps
also wrong catagory for this topic

When a project is remixed, its .env file is “scrubbed” of secrets. That is, the comments, whitespace, and the KEY= part stays, but the value part is erased.

Also, we put a line at the end saying that we modified the .env file.

Yes, it is okay to remove it.

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