Simple Bot


I’ve put up an example of a very basic chat bot using TMI. It’s pretty well documented and probably qualifies as a ‘handy bot’.


Nice, this looks cool. Happy to add it to the community site. First, though it’d be good to flesh out the default web page out a little, since folks often jump into previewing. Maybe include the button and a short description of the bot there.

A screenshot of the bot in action would be a nice addition to the readme, and there’s a typo: *barebones


You don’t like bear-bones?! Typos will be the death of me, you should see me getting ready to commit something lol. I can certainly flesh it out some later this evening.


I’ve fleshed out the html, added a gif of how it works, and hopefully have not introduced any more spelling errors.


I’ve not tested it.
But I’ll do soon, thanks for this personable bot :slight_smile:


Nice work, that’s a handy bot for sure!