Solution to project going down every 5 minutes

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Glitch projects stop every 5 minutes due to performance enhancing, but there’s something called UptimeRobot that pings your project every 5 minutes, even though you got that… It will still restart so you gotta get your own custom pinger or upgrade to premium on UptimeRobot.

Code for custom pinger.

The one problem with this is that Glitch projects are forced to shutdown every 24hrs. To get good results you would need to use your custom pinger and UptimeRobot, this way the project is ensured to be online 24/7 (with the rare exception of a 5 minute downtime).

For example, here’s a list of my Uptime Robot sites,

The sites where I have draw a green dot next to are the ones kept online by Uptime Robot and my own pinging tool Awake! My ping tool uses the same approach like your code (different though).

Keep up the great work and keep on contibuting!

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I don’t really get the point of having Uptime Robot which pings every 300 seconds and a custom pinger that pings every 280 seconds They give pretty much the same result.

Sometimes UptimeRobot won’t ping your project for another 5mins after its gone to sleep. Lowering the time on the ping (e.g 60 (1 second)) keeps the project on 24/7.

But a custom pinger doesn’t do that, so you don’t need Uptime Robot… :thinking:

You would need UptimeRobot for when the project is forced restarted (if the custom pinger is ran on the Glitch project).

Wait, couldn’t you make a pinger ping itself?
Like if I had that pinger on Glitch and made it ping itself, wouldn’t that technically work?

You can, but if the pinger was hosted on Glitch and was force restarted, it wouldn’t start up again until something pings it.