Always ON: Discord bots

So ive tried many things, uptimerobot, curl, awake, pinging inside, but after a few days, the project seems to go offline. I want to stay in the free version. Im not sure if this is because of the current issues with glitch or anything, but I was wondering what I should do.

I am also aware that after 12 hours, running projects go to sleep, but I’m not sure if that applies or if you can bypass it.

Have you tried glitch.json? It works for me.

But I am a boosted member

You’ll need to setup a code to get uptime robot ping using http package.

I cover a tutorial on how to host your bot 24/7 using glitch and uptimerobot.
I hope you find what you are missing.


Sorry to break it to you, but due to the way glitch forces projects to restart every 12 hours I think a bot will always have at most {whatever number of minutes you are pinging it} of downtime every 12 hours(was it 12 hours) so just warning you some people might start commenting about that.

When restarting it, you won’t even notice if uptime robot ping projects every 5 minutes, soo?

Unless you are a boosted apps member you’re correct.

Ohh, thanks. Thats one thing that my old bots had and my new ones didnt!

You can mention the website proyect in a discord message, ex: , this send a Request, You can use a Timer in the Night controlled by another 24/7 bot.