Someone created clone and lied about credits. What can we do?


We had created a large project, which was cloned. This project was cloned and credit was changed in the clone. They changed the credits to show only themselves in the credits. They have not given credit to any of its original creators. The clone is of and is To prove the difference in credits, each project has the path of /credits. Is that technically allowed? The credits on the clone are 100% fake. It is labeled All Credits goes to: When it ignores the original creators. The creators of the clone also admitted to cloning it. is the proof. Is it lawful under the fog creek Terms of Service to do so? I am asking this since they abused the rights to use the content and passed it off as their own with few minor changes in the coding such as the env file. Although changes were made, are they allowed to use the service to plagiarize code and not cite the source and or steal credit for the code?

NOTE: the project cloned did not contain a license.

In case credits on clone are changed:


Also, help kicking people? They managed to find a way into the private project.


About the cloned project, we’ll discuss possible solutions Monday when we get back to work. As for kicking out people, you can click on their avatar in the editor and remove them.


The kicking will not work for me. I am the original creator of the project, yet the button won’t appear. Also, is it possible to reset project invites? That way whatever they are using to regain access is disabled?


I’ve reset the invite tokens and removed the other person from the project. The button to remove members did appear for me.


Fixed, we gave full credits like they asked to.
Sorry for the delay as we had some issues


Thank you for fixing the credits, I believe we won’t be needing discuss possible solutions for the cloned project anymore.