Spurious HTML attribute errors


Just remixed a project this morning and found these errors all over the HTML file:

both single quotes and double quotes are valid HTML, under both w3c HTML5 and WHATWG html living standard.

(unquoted attributes are also allowed, but those should be discouraged because they’re confusing)


Yeah I also noticed this. It is quite annoying and I ended up using double-quotes.


These aren’t errors in the sense that they break your code, but they do break standards. I’m not sure about HTML, but @gareth mentions that you can now setup linter rules (at least for JavaScript): Can I setup the linter that’s used inside the editor?

I’m not familiar enough with setting up linters from scratch but maybe that thread might help.


that thread is exclusively about js linting, and besides, the fact that I CAN configure the linter myself doesn’t mean I should be required to to have a good experience.


I did a little digging into this.

  1. @nightpool is correct, the .eslint.json feature in Glitch does not handle changing the html hinting features
  2. The hinting in question here is an opinionated choice from the HTMLHint team, and HTMLHint provides this functionality in CodeMirror (which is the editor Glitch uses). My expectation is that if Glitch were to provide a “fix” for this it would be in the form of a .eslint.json-style override - I don’t imagine that we’d want to maintain many customizations in the CodeMirror codebase, especially ones that are opinion-based.


that’s a reasonable opinion. two quibbles:

  1. the HTMLHint wording should be changed to make it clear this is an opinionated style lint—“should” vs “must”. I’ll make a PR for this

  2. while I agree in the specific this is a reasonable lint to have, in GENERAL I think glitch—as a friendly, newbie oriented editor—should not shy away from making opinionated linting decisions that may fit their userbase, which is very different from the overall CodeMirror userbase.

thank you for taking the time to look into this!


So, just to summarize: I think “We should recommend people consistently use double quotes when authoring HTML” is a completely reasonable position for Glitch to have, but I think “We don’t want to change opinionated linting defaults to better fit our user base” is a bad argument to get you there, especially given the goals of Glitch


Ha I think I communicated the reverse of what I meant.

Personally (and I’m not speaking for the Glitch team in this case, just expressing my own opinion) I don’t agree with that default hint, but I do agree that consistency is really important (and that particular guidance is one way to get there).

As far as the defaults are concerned I take your point. I wasn’t really making an argument and my perspective was less “We don’t want to” and more “we don’t have the resources for (right now)”. Sure it’s a small code change now, but it increases complexity long-term and is one more thing that we’d have to account for in the future; that’s not to say we won’t consider it.

If you do create a PR for it I’d love to know about it.


yup as cori mentioned it’s something we want to do/look into in the future. For additional context, we’re using the default codemirror hinting rules which are definitely too aggro