Storage Constantly Filled Up By .git

I’m writing to a JSON file constantly and overtime it fills up my storage in .git. I put .gitignore on the end of the json and am writing to the .gitignore only and not any other file. Why is my .git storage always full and I have to run rm -rf .git?

Hi @efewqefwfd – can you share some more about how you’re using the .gitignore? The way I’ve gitignored files in the past, was that I had a file called .gitignore and I listed inside of it which files should not be tracked (but there are probably other ways of doing it!) You could maybe try doing it that way, and see if it works the way you expect?

I did it this way.

Cool! I’ll test both ways and see what results I get!

I still need help with this.

We’re here for you @efewqefwfd!

Can you tell us the name of your project where this is happening?

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