Stuck at Loading Project!

I made an event in my Discord Bot, and when i tried to refresh project, it gives errors, when i refreshed the page, it didn’t loaded. I can’t load ~hour in my project, please, help! Project name is plutocatsmain

not just you i have the same problem ;\

If your project won’t load, please contact us at and we will help you out!

When sending your message, don’t forget to give us the name of your project!

@tasha Lütfen Yardımcı olun Projeme Erişemiyorum.

Ve diğer yaklaşık 10 projem şuanda 17 adet projem uptime sitesinde açık tüm projelerime erişemiyorum yinede.

thats because you made more then 20 project running 24h with uptimerobot or other services works with the same way .

all you have to do is removing projects from the service you are using until 20 project remains .