[CLOSED] My Glitch Project is Stuck on "Loading Project"

After I edited some of my code in a .json file and went to restart the bot, the project never refreshed through the console. The bot is still working and online on Discord’s side although I am unable to log in as the only screen I see when I click Edit Project is the Loading Project screen.

The project name is dungeonrammoderationbotdapper and on private mode.

Hey @SwimmingWhale, I forced your project to restart and it looks like it’s loading properly now - sorry for the bother!

Thanks! Love the quick response time. :slight_smile:

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Hey @cori my project seems to do the same. It’s stuck on Loading Project too.

Could you do a force restart on my nate-bot project please. l appreciate it!

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Hey @NTMNathan it looks like your project naturally restarted and is no longer stuck. Are you still seeing problems?

Hi @cori No, not at this stage. However, This problem comes in and goes sometimes. This only affects my nate-bot project and not my other ones.

Hey, I am having the same problem as I originally had as explained above. Everything is still the same as it is described above.

My project named xenusbot showing same issue. Can you fix it? It handles a 150 member server so it’s a bit important for me. @cori.

My project named “relax-gaming” showing same issue. Can you fix it? @cori

Hi @cori, my project is doing the same, loading infinitely.
Can you please force a refresh on my project?
The project name is ampersandbot.

Hi @MinecraftCiach,

I’ve restarted ampersand bot, and the seems to be loading normally. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Sometimes when this happens to me, I manually restart it by opening the console (if it loads lol). Visit this link https://glitch.com/edit/console.html?project-name and replace project-name with the name of your project. If it loads, run the refresh command and it’ll refresh your editor. You should be able to access it now. :slight_smile:

Mine is having problems too, can anyone help, please?
discord-bot-mineko is the project name

Ah, it seems it’s back up, thanks anyway.

@cori can you please start my project ? its stuck its called medcart.glitch.me

Mine is constantly loading

My project is named metisbot

Hey @rashedrabadi, it looks like there’s no start script defined in package.json. That’s the file that Glitch runs to start your project. If you want to define a Node.js script to run, define it like in this example project. If you just want to have a website (HTML files, CSS, and javascript that runs in the browser but not on the server), then delete your package.json file.

Project: jalviez-emperor-z
it’s not loading in the same way. can you please help me.

@jhuzang What are you expecting, and what’s happening?