Support not responding to my email (probably missed it)

Recently my projects have got suspended, so I reached out to the support through email to see what’s going on. Turns out I had too many projects running at the same time, and so all got suspended. I was asked to pick at most 20 projects which they want me to unsuspend, so I replied with the list. My ticket is #PRO00008649 and my email’s topic was: “Re: Re: Projects suspended part 2 #PRO00008649”. I believe it is just a mistake and the email has never reached You / has been missed. If needed, I can provide the list again in the comments.

Don’t span sending emails
They will check all emails and reply as fast as they can

no promises

Not responding for over a week is not alright.

Hi @supahero,

It looks like we are still waiting for a response from you on your support request #PRO00008649. While you listed suspended projects in your initial message to us, we are waiting for your response to our official message. When you get a chance, please reply with the information requested.

Excuse me, but I think I’m not mistaken. I have replied with names of projects to unsuspend which You requested in Your message to me. I don’t mind showing them here if You like.
The very response from my side, containing list of projects to unsuspend, was called “Re: Re: Projects suspended part 2 #PRO00008649”, as I mentioned in the post.

@tasha Hello? Are you there?
I think by mistake my message did not ping you correctly. The previous message.

Hello @supahero,

We have responded to your support request. I’m sorry that it took this long!