The website is acting very weird

Hello fellow Glitch community

I had experienced errors with glitch trying to login with my github account


Pottinqq (Fellow Glitch User himself)

Hi @Pottinqq, welcome to the Glitch Forums! We’re sorry for the bother.

Can you tell us if you saw any error messages when you were trying to log in?

If you’re still seeing the problem, can you provide you Glitch account name and GitHub username so we can take a closer look?

my glitch account name is Pottinqq
my github account name is also Pottinqq

Hey @Pottinqq are you still seeing this problem? I’m not seeing anything in our error logs for that Glitch username or GitHub handle.

If you’re still having the problem, what happens when you try this in an incognito window?


i am still seeing this problem on incognito or not, it still says i have a login error


Hey @Pottinqq I can’t find a Glitch account that matches any of the information available to me. Not one with the name or login like the one you listed, nor one with the email address or GitHub id associated with this forum account. I’m also still not seeing anything in the logs

If you try logging in again can you send me the code from the url? Perhaps that will get me to some log messages that might help us figure out what’s going on. You could also try logging in using the email option and seeing where that gets you - if you use an email address associated with the GitHub account you’re using that might get you to the right place.

The email address is the one what my github account is setup with


What happens when you try to log into Glitch with that email address?

it says my email address is invalid but its my email and it says there is an error when trying to send a email.

Can you attach a screenshot and the actual email address you used (or you can PM it to me or send it to if you prefer)?

You might want to wait a few minutes; if you’ve been trying several times in a row you might hit our email rate limit.