I'm having problem in logging into glitch using my github account

I am having issues in logging in to my glitch’s account using my existing github account.

I already an account in glitch.me using my github account.

However, I am getting an error of

GitHub Login Problem

Cannot read property ‘email’ of null

Please help.

I have existing codes in my glitch account.

Hello @appfobia, I’m sorry you’re having this issue! Can you share your glitch username so I can investigate this problem further?

https://glitch.com/@appfobia is the link of my page.

Presently I’m not able to login.

Thanks for that info! Do you remember the time/date when this started happening for you?

@tasha May be from last 10-7 days or so.

I think it is Not a Problem specific to my profile, as you will find this error screen once you click on the Signin > GitHub button in Glitch.com/signin page.

Following error is occurring.

Hi @tasha @potch
Hey I think the GitHub login button is still not working.

Can you just check .

Hi @appfobia

Thanks for checking in! We have asked our team to look into this. I have added your screenshot to the bug report.

If you want to work on your projects in the meantime, you can:
Create a new account using a different sign-in option (email/facebook/gmail)
Then going to your original account’s projects page and remixing a copies of your existing projects.

Once we fix your original account, I will let you know!