Throw new Error(Please install ${moduleName} package manually); ^ Error: Please install sqlite3 package manually

I’m trying to install it , but this says ( some of my errors , I can’t type the whole thing.

gyp ERROR! find vs : msvs_version not set from command line or npm config
gyp ERROR! find VS : VCINSTALLDIR not set , not running in VS Command Prompt
gyp ERROR! find vs : could not use Power Shell to find visual studio 2017 or newer
gyp ERROR! find vs : looking for visual studio 2015
gyp ERROR! find vs : - not found
gyp ERROR! find vs :
gyp ERROR! find Vs : ***************************************************************
gyp ERROR! find Vs : you need to install latest version of visual studio
gyp ERROR! find vs :```

Install what? More info? It says you need to update VS, try that.

I use visual studio code , @EddiesTech


@khalby786 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

@DaRealMiniToon, can I see your package.json?


    "name": "my-bot",

    "version": "1.0.0",

    "description": "A Discord bot!",

    "main": "bot.js",

    "scripts": {

      "test": "echo \"Error: no test specified\" && exit 1",

      "start": "node . = node run index.js",

      "lint": "eslint ."


    "keywords": [],

    "author": "ZombieTech782#9745",

    "license": "ISC"


@DaRealMiniToon, can you re-install VSCode from their website?

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Just be sure to uninstall VSCode before reinstalling :slight_smile:

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If you reinstall vsc , will your code get deleted @RiversideRocks @khalby786

Just save the files on your computer. (the code files)

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@RiversideRocks How do i uninstall

On windows:

Search for “uninstall” and you should see a program called uninstall and install programs. Open this and look for Visual Studio Code. Once you see this, click on it and click uninstall.

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@RiversideRocks now what the error still shows up

Try npm rebuild

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this still shows up when I try
and more

and I did npm rebuild

Odd, it seems to be giving errors about C++? Here are my other two ideas:

  • Try installing Visual Studio (different from VSCode)
  • Delete node_moduals and reinstall.
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This says it all ^^^^

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I was doing a bit of reading off of this: