Time Timer Demo with ChatGPT

Project URL: https://timetimer.glitch.me/

I’ve just made, well, technically I guided ChatGPT to help me build a clone of a Time Timer. This was made to instruct and show my students on how awesome the combination of Glitch+ChatGPT+HTML+JS+CSS is :raised_hands:

I haven’t added the actual steps to build the tool during class, yet, but I’ll work on that.

Default time is 15min, but you can use your mouse to adjust the time. Hope you like it.


I’ve added most of ChatGPT prompts I’ve used into the DEVELOPMENT.md file.

  • Now you can use the mouse or hand gestures (phone) to adjust the timer.
  • It can be installed as a webapp on the phone (in Chrome → Add to start screen).

thanks for sharing this - i love my Time Timer at home but it would be too disruptive to bring to the office, so i’m definitely going to be using this today!