Community Open Thread 35 - November 17, 2023

Happy Friday - they keep happening! I just got back from a snack and tea break after the latest Glitch Jams Live stream where I shared a lot of links and worked on my Code Jams submission, so here are those links and then some more:

  • If you missed the announcement yesterday, our next phase of evolving Glitch containers includes some light homework for those of you who have apps running very old versions of Node. Get the details in our blog post and expect more updates here in the forum as we get towards those deprecation dates.
  • And if you missed the livestream too, or want to check out the apps I shared, I post the run of show each week for you!
  • @sue-smith wrote a great tutorial on using Fastly to point a domain at your site. Fastly’s changed some defaults since our TLS community test, so I’m going to try this out next week and update the docs so hopefully you’ll be able to do this with Glitch app origins without emailing me hehehe - btw you’re always welcome to email me whenever but I know you ideally shouldn’t have to email anyone to point a domain.
  • I LOVE @RaulDeMarras’s time timer app. These have become my favorite timers and so to have one on Glitch to use at the office (with headphones so not to disrupt my colleagues) is so nice.

Now it’s your turn to share what you’re working on, what apps, blogs or podcasts you’re enjoying, what you’re hoping to eat at Thanksgiving if you’re celebrating next week, etc. I’m making chickpea cutlets for a friendsgiving gathering and then after that I’ll see you on ok!


here’s the Glitch logo head-on


from this graphic on the front page