Total member count is not working

I use it setAvctivity client.user.cache.size in bot activity it showing only one member why??

I want to do total member count in bot activity any one help me plzz

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Why its not working tho

And how to do .addField(“Member count”,“client.users.cache.size”)

Like this not working

Yes we can help you. However, first we need a project name or edit link, along with some more code and context. What kind of errors are you seeing?

Its safe to share project invite link here? @CarlyRaeJepsenStan

Its private tho

Make the project public, for now. Is your token in .env?

Yes, it is safe to share your project code.!/sizukalatest

I don’t think you should count members by looking at the size of cache, not all users are going to be in the cache. Are you using Eris or Discord.js?
For discord.js
To get the total member count of a server you will use message.guild.memberCount(according to latest docs).

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