Unable to get my discord bot online

I have created a discord bot using discord.js. The bot was working well for almost a week but today suddenly it stopped and it is not getting online in discord. I tried the same code for Heroku and it is working well there without any problem. I want to use glitch for my bot so please tell me how can I fix this issue?
My project name is:
All the commands are loaded but the bot doesn’t come online. in terminal, it is not saying that the bot is online now (as per my code)

Apperently all glitch bots (at least in europa and area) are offline
I dont know what the problem is

Greetings drache

Any idea till when it will be fixed? I dont wanna keep on using heroku’s free Dyno as it limits my bot features…

I can’t find the project.

Your bot may be on an IP banned by Discord. Check using the instructions here: Discord Ban mega-thread the second! (Discord bot / Something took too long to do)


It is not IP banned. I checked it.

It has been fixed now. Thanks for replying to my post tho :slight_smile:

im having the same problems right now ;-;

@barbs dont bump old posts. Create yourself at #glitch-help. But check out status.glitch.com check if there is a problem with glitch

Did you read this thread?