Unhandled Rejection - DiscordAPIerror


My project, “arburich-mainbot”, was running pretty smoothly up until about an hour ago.

I’ve tried to regenerate my token and everything, but nothing seems to be working :frowning:

My server uses this bot pretty frequently, so it being down is causing a slight problem!

Any help is appreciated!


It could be that Discord banned an IP address impacting your project. We’ll take a look and let you know.

I have the same problem with my Discord bot, lily-bot. Judging by the other topics, and the fact that I can get the bot running locally, I’m guessing that my bot may also be on a banned IP. Would you mind taking a look for me?

Sure, we’ll take a look!

We’ve taken a look but neither of these projects is on an IP address that Discord has banned. Can you both confirm the error message you are getting from Discord? If you add a catch to handle the DiscrodAPIError then you should get a more complete error message. Thanks.