Vue File Formatting

There is an auto formatter for HTML, CSS, JS files, but I have a project that I have Vue files (.vue file extension) on. The syntax highlighting works perfectly, however there isn’t an auto format button. Any chance the Glitch team could add support for this button? Vue files in my experience simply consist of HTML, CSS, and JS in between HTML tags, so I don’t see how it would be toooo difficult. My files are getting quite messy without that button. Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit 3/16/21: Found a temporary solution. I simply changed the file name to .html then the reformat button worked lol (remember to change it back to vue after lol)

I’ve moved this to #feature-ideas so people can vote on it :slight_smile:
You absolutely have my invisible vote (I’ve run out of votes) :smiley:
Edit: you now have my actual vote


I think @khalby786 might like this lol


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