Was your project suspended over the weekend?


I’m sorry that some of you had projects suspended recently.

Due to an AWS alert we received this weekend, we had to take measures that may have caused this to happen.

If your project has been suspended, please send us a message at support@glitch.com.

We will be following up with you on Monday.


hello glitch why all my projects are suspended?

Glitch been suspending projects.

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Just hold on. There are lots of errors with people losing projects. @glitch_support should soon solve the issue (I hope).

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No idea whats happening haha, i guess im one of the lucky ones because none of my projects have been suspended

hi @iSaviorEfe, can you email support@glitch.com with the name of the suspended project(s).

I sent it and I’m waiting for an answer

Im wondering if we could have some pinned modal/notification to let people know to do that? Threads are kinda being spammed with the same query

hello ?? why all my project are suspended can you tell me reason ?

I’m also having that same problem.

I am also having the same problem too. My main and beta discord bots are online, but the legacy bot is offline because the project is suspended.

same thing for me and my friends too,
suspended for “Coordinated Activities”
what is that mean ?

Im starting to think this isn’t a bug, and glitch is cracking down on projects which violate their policies, in mistake as well in some cases, but we can’t assume anything until we hear from the staff team themselves

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My projects suspension message is just “Unknown”.

hi @zoma4, if your project has been suspended, please email support@glitch.com with the name of the suspended project.

@jenn Since all my projects are suspended it would be a bit hard for me to send the name of every project in a Glitch email since I can’t remember all of the names.

then sending an e-mail with your username and at least the projects you remember will be helpful.

Alright, I’ll send in an email now.

Can you tell me the name of the project that got suspended because on discord, I noticed one of my bots (Nicsena’s Bot Legacy) is offline, and I just found out what happened today.

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