Web AR camera not working

The code used is based on a tutorial, which does work. I don’t quite understand why the code doesn’t work on glitch.me… Any insights would be appreciated.

my attempt:

I can provide the code if needed, but it seems I can’t include it in this post.

Hi @PaulJ, welcome! Can you link to the tutorial you’re working from. I’m not familiar with assets with the .mind extension and it looks like none load with your project. I don’t see any errors with the JavaScript files being used, so something is stopping that one line referencing the .mind file from working.

Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the quick reply! the example can be found here: Build the page | mind-ar-js

I really am not sure why it isn’t working. The .mind file is available to download from that site, and it also has a compiler for other images to be turned into a .mind file. Both are inoperable at glitch.me.

in index.html on line 10 you have a wayward period - change “mind.ar-image” to “mindar-image” and that may get you unstuck.

You’re right about the period! That happened when I was trying to figure out what was not working, as in some online documents it is mind.ar not mindar. Unfortunately it is not the problem though as it was inoperable prior to (and after) that period was put into line 10.

I have removed it again, but the page still will not launch. In chrome on android it says that it failed to launch, try using chrome (even though it is chrome that displays that error.)

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