Weekend projects (visual novel and zine)

Last weekend I decided to do one project a day; the first day I made a visual novel


it’s also published on itch (my first game!). And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one making a visual novel here :slight_smile:

Then on the second day I made my first zine (printed today)

I made it for printing (8-page zine) but I made a web version as well :electric_plug:


For these projects I decided to learn tailwindcss (for web, not for the print version). Overall it was a very nice experience (the search feature on their doc is amazing) but on glitch I often encountered out of ram (512 MB) which made me think if I should keep using vite+tailwind (possibly boost the app while development) or switch to UMD version of tailwind :thinking:


I write a novel engine
You write a website of visual novel.

We’re not same :wink:

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